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Resume Tips: 5 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

Do you recall when it was conventional wisdom to "blend in?" Not so, in today's workplace. Progressive organizations value and seek out diversity. They know diverse perspectives add to better problem solving, creativity, and innovation. Here's how to put your diverse background and experience on a resume.

How to Highlight Diversity on a Resume

Diversity is defined as race, gender, ethnicity, generations, religion, sexual orientation, life and work experiences, language, and anything else that gives us a unique viewing point. Employers look for key abilities and attributes on a resume. Here are a few ways you can demonstrate your diversity savvy and gain a distinct advantage over other applicants.
  1. Ability to work in a team. Say something about your experience working in a diverse team. For example:
    • Experienced at managing a team of 200 men and women from different regions of the country, 4 business units, and 7 nationalities.
  2. Problem-solving skills. Mention accomplishments and projects where you utilized different perspectives to solve a problem. For example:
    • Developed an intranet site for U.S. and European locations to address lack of feedback on product lines. Due to the success, the site now encompasses 36 countries plus multiple locations within each country. This has resulted in revamped products and the creation of new ones with an increase of 30% in overall sales.
  3. Verbal and written communication skills. Point out your ability to communicate and connect with your organization's diverse customers. For example:
    • Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish and Vietnamese.
    • Experienced at tailoring verbal and written communication for the company's Spanish and Vietnamese speaking customers.
  4. Interpersonal skills. Reference your ability to relate effectively with people from other cultures. For example:
    • Volunteered in a racially and ethnically diverse community health center.
    • Received "Employee Productivity and Innovation Award" for participating in a project team that included five different functions, four generations, and several nationalities. The team was acknowledged for their contribution to the development of one of the company's newest breakthrough drugs.
  5. Initiative. List past or current personal and professional development activities. For example:
    • Member of Generation Y Employee Resource Group
    • College course in Cross-cultural Communications
    • Diversity and Inclusion workshops
    • Meyers Briggs Teambuilding workshop
You can weave in your diversity background and experience in almost every key skill or attribute that employers look for in resumes. Our world continues to become more global and more diverse, bridging differences in a myriad of ways. Why not showcase your cultural competency in order to gain a competitive advantage?

Author: Armida Mendez Russell, Co-founder, DiversityFIRSTâ„¢
Email: mndzruss@aol.com

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